Microchipping is completely FREE when you sign up to our Healthy Pet Club Westway.

A microchip is a permanent means of identifying your pet if they should go missing for any reason. As of 6th April 2016, it is a legal requirement to microchip dogs.

The microchip is approximately the size of a grain of rice that is placed under the scruff between the shoulder blades via a needle. This can be done from the second vaccination onward (depending on the breed for dogs).

Each microchip carries a number unique to your pet, and all vets, dog wardens, police and highways agencies carry the scanners needed to read this unique number. All this involves is holding the scanner above the animal to read the number.

Once microchipped your pets unique number will be kept on Westway records, as well as being stored in the international database. If your pet is ever picked up and brought to a Westway branch all we need to do is type in the unique number and we will know where he belongs. If he is picked up by someone else all they have to do is scan him and ring the database company who will have your details, and so be able to reunite him. All microchips used by Westway comply with the International Standards (ISO), and a reporting system has failed to find any side effects associated with microchips.

Please remember, if your pet is microchipped it is extremely important to update your details should they chance. This is the only reason why pets cannot be reunited with their owners.